AirPods continue to operate after severe falls, washes and water dives -


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

AirPods continue to operate after severe falls, washes and water dives

AirPods new Apple are already on sale . After a long wait months and months, these wearables finally have begun to be sent to the first consumers.

The AirPods come to replace the long run, the EarPods Lightning Apple Keynote presented at the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple wireless headphones connected to the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth, have an integrated chip W1 improve efficiency, support services Siri, and offer a range of 5 hours after a full charge.

As is usually happen after the release of a new device, accessory, gadget, or wearable, users have already begun to carry out the first tests of resistance; In this case, the AirPods. And the results are amazing ...

AirPods are waterproof, shock resistant ... and washable!

The YouTuber "EverythingApplePro" AirPods has subjected to different tests. First he has dropped them to the ground from different heights, then he has put them in the washing machine, and finally he has submerged them in a container full of water.

From Apple, unlike the case with the iPhone 7 they have not specified whether AirPods are waterproof or not. This will avoid all kinds of problems. But from what we have been able to see in the video that follows, it seems that its resistance is quite good and continue to function properly after the dive.

Resistance tests on video

Since CP NOT recommend immersing the new wearables Apple underwater, although it seems they are waterproof, insurance Cupertino company does not cover damage that may cause such events.

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