AirPods could hit the market between the first weeks of December -


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Thursday, 1 December 2016

AirPods could hit the market between the first weeks of December

Some will remember that AirPods would be on sale in "late October" before Apple delayed the release because he did not believe that the product was 100% ready to go to market. Since then, several sources have suggested that the company has had stock problems, drawbacks with certain elements of wireless headsets and that may not be available until late November or early January 2017.

According to an alleged response that a person received after sending an email to Tim Cook, Apple's first Bluetooth headset with a designed by the same company internal chip W1 will be sent to customers in the coming weeks.
Next we will put the supposed communication by email that was made between the client and Tim Cook:

Customer comment: "Give us a release date. [...]. Let us know if it's a month or six months, because then I'll just buy some other wireless headsets. "

Tim Cook response: "Thank you for your note. Sorry for the delay, we are finishing them and I hope we started sending them in the next weeks "

Apparently, the email seems to come from Apple's corporate servers.

The AirPods would have a battery of six hours of battery life, and the Lightning charging unit included, the battery life extends to 24 hours.

Headphones, take advantage of Apple W1 wireless chip to provide functions such as invoking Siri by double tap on one of the AirPods, or possess the ability to sync quick configuration with multiple Apple devices through iCloud and more.

If the communication between the unsatisfied customer and Tim Cook becomes true, we will probably be seeing the release of the EarPods in early December.

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