AirPods show us how we need Siri's offline mode -


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Thursday, 29 December 2016

AirPods show us how we need Siri's offline mode

Some time ago AirPods buyers have received their longed for products at home and can finally give us a well-formed opinion about their new wireless headsets.

When eliminating the cables of the headphones innovate in the remote controls is necessary, some companies have chosen to place them in the sides of the headphones - Beats -, others, being tiny the space in the headphones have chosen not to eliminate totally The cables and to be able to add there the remotes.

Then there's Apple, who has integrated touch-sensitive buttons into the scarce space on his headphones and has worked to integrate his virtual assistant.

Siri needs an offline mode

As you read in the title, yes, Apple should be working on an offline version of Siri as it is this assistant is the best way to communicate with your AirPods and is a can not be able to use Siri to manage your music if You have little coverage.

This is one of the best features that include AirPods less to do an offline version that allows you to perform certain functions. Users of the Apple Watch already suffer their particular war for this reason: if they have little coverage they can say goodbye to the dictation by Siri's voice ...

It 's been two devices coexisting with Siri it would be the perfect time for Apple worked in a small offline. This mode could include voice dictation - a version that you learn from the user when there is no Internet - and the recognition of commands - that also learn from the user, when it does not have the Internet. Artificial intelligence serves more than just applying it to large data servers.

This would not be a large byte load for our devices since the AI ​​codes are not very heavy. So Apple, come on, get to work!

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