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Thursday, 29 December 2016

AirPods sold out worldwide

Although the reviews of AirPods tell us they do their job, without being anything to idolize Apple today has reached us shocking news on these headphones.

All Apple Store in the world have run out of stock of the Apple AirPods, the hype produced by Apple has been responsible for this flurry of purchases of new apple products as Christmas gifts.

Exhausted AirPods for Everyone

Apple announced the AirPods in September, promising to launch in October. However, for the first time in years, Apple had to delay the launch of its new wireless headphones.

They finally managed to throw for Christmas, although the high demand for these made many consumers came to them after Christmas. Generating criticism all over the world.

Currently we know nothing about when we will have stock of AirPods even talking to Apple Store employees do not know when they will become available ...

Apple has covered its back

The reason for that is exhausted so quickly the stock of this device is that Apple has produced below what it should. Avoiding lost millionaires in the event that the AirPods would not have been a sales success.

In addition, sales of Apple products this holiday season there are many users might want to acquire their AirPods now, they have a shiny new iPhone in July.

We do not believe that Apple take too long to respond to those users eager to acquire their new AirPods to enjoy on your iPhone 7, do not despair that soon can enjoy them in your ears.

On the same page of Apple you can see that take longer than a month to replenish the stock of this beloved piece. You just have to wait patiently.

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