AirPods will be available from February 8 -


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

AirPods will be available from February 8

In yesterday, Apple began offering an option to collect directly from the physical stores new wireless AirPods, although customers will not be able to get their hands on the accessory until February 2017, apparently.

This implies that the Cupertino company would be ready to deliver the first orders on February 8. For customers who opt for direct delivery to your home, it is estimated that the headphones will arrive in six weeks.

Of course, it is possible that Apple chose too cautiously estimates of product availability. The AirPods were delayed for two months after its original release October for undisclosed reasons, and just this week began shipping to customers, just days before Christmas.

The company began complying with the first orders online yesterday and limited inventory was also available at the company's retail store, although the initial stock quickly sold out.

Apple has made a serious mistake in announcing the device ahead of time, so more than one user does not like the idea of ​​waiting until February next year.

Wireless headsets cost about $ 159, justifying its advanced technology and ease of use. The headphones feature the new chip designed by Apple W1 for quick synchronization with other devices of the company. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a pair of microphones, accelerometers and a small carrying case.

The fully wireless headset comes with a one-year warranty that covers audio defects and battery problems. Outside of that period, standard repairs will cost $ 69, battery service is about $ 49, and replacement "buds" in case one is lost will cost $ 69.

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