App Store boosts sales record in November -


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Thursday, 8 December 2016

App Store boosts sales record in November

Much has happened since that first hand iPhone, the Apple Application Platform or App Store was launched. Since then millions of apps of all kinds have seen the light in a tough competition to position among the most successful applications of the various categories that comprise it.

And is that the world of apps is truly fascinating. Think of a single activity that you might need to do with your device, look for it in the App Store and probably have already occurred to someone else, who has also had the deference to develop it. Apps are the very heart of our iPhone and iPad, which makes them indispensable tools for our daily lives, whether in terms of productivity and entertainment.

A business that we all enjoy and thanks to which many technology lovers can make a living. Today the vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Apple, Phil Schiller announced on his Twitter account that the App Store broke all sales records to date during the month of November. Apple is pretty cryptic when it comes to quantifying these balances, contributing numbers that allow you to append, but without doubt all information, even if qualitative, is to be appreciated.

November 2016 was a record breaker for the #AppStore - the highest monthly sales ever in App Store history!

While most mobile users still use Android operating system and therefore downloading apps through Google Play, the reality is that is the App Store which reports more benefits . In fact, this January Apple announced sales revenues of only $ 1.1 million over the Christmas period, but this Christmas will be even better way for the Cupertino, even more so with the imminent release of Super Mario Run for iOS .

As is tradition, Apple has updated its featured sections on both the App Store and the iBooks Store and iTunes Store with its selection of the best of 2016. 

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