Apple could launch a Red iPhone for 2017 -


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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Apple could launch a Red iPhone for 2017

Can you imagine a red iPhone? Well, the few products that Apple has released Apple of this color have been for events or special reasons (foundations, donations, etc.) as well as did it once with one of their MacBooks. Will it be possible to see an iPhone of this color soon?

This is a rumor that has been talking about in these last hours where it is said that there is a very big possibility that Apple will release (for next year) a Red iPhone. Having 6 colors available to choose from (in which case Black and Jet Black are also available).

The news was found in a report from Macotakara where besides that, they assume that the next iPhone would have OLED screen and a Home button that would be on the screen (something I can not believe at the moment). It is believed, according to this report, that the names of these new terminals will be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus (however, this is not something safe).

It is believed that the generation 7S Plus, compared to the generation 7S, would have wireless charging and / or glass housing, as well as better internal memory Ram and processor

There's still more

  • It is not known exactly whether the latest iPhone launched this year will continue in the seventh generation, or, would begin the eighth
  • What the rumors say is that they would come with wireless load, for that, it is necessary to opt for improvements as far as material is concerned, changing the aluminum by the glass
  • The wireless charger will only come in the latest generation and not for the 4.7 inch screen model that would be separately opted

From this point we must bear in mind that it is too early to talk about an iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 as it is quite possible that Apple is just discussing the design and everything related to the device.

It is a matter of waiting to see if any of these rumors are true. Remember that when talking about the iPhone 7 was mentioned a lot that the Home button was going to be touch-sensitive, and there was no need to press it, and it was.

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