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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Apple is offering a free battery replacement

We just know that Apple is working on an immediate update of iOS would help collect information on unexpected shutdowns of the iPhone, apparently this problem not only has to do with the iPhone 6s. To which Apple is offering a free battery replacement - according to a post in its support center on November 30.

We can not deny that we too surprised that Apple admit one fault of this caliber and that also we hign a solution . If this left us skeptics, who will release an update to know all the variables involved in these issues leaves us speechless.

The problem extends to other models

As if it were a virus himself, this problem affecting the batteries of our devices - one of the key parts to the user , is expanding the range of models suffer shutdowns while the user is using.

As well explained on its website support in China , the problem has on past the niche of iPhone 6s for what they consider the best option to address the problem is to release an update that allows them to collect all relevant information.

Will leave this week

This update has immediate character, as we have already said, the battery is a key element and fail so many users do not benefit at all to Apple.

We assume that the update that will be released will be 10.2, which is currently the sixth version of its beta. Unless Apple wants to make a special version to inform users through the information platform update this problem and what they hope to achieve by upgrading.

Apple only offers - for the moment - free battery changes to those users who have an iPhone 6s mounted between September and October 2015.

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