Apple launches iOS 10.2 Beta 7 for Developers -


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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Apple launches iOS 10.2 Beta 7 for Developers

Apple has just released its EVENTH s iOS beta version 10.2. Version is launched initially for developers and beta testers public.

Registered developers can download the seventh beta version of IOS 10.2, from the Apple Developer Center, or through over-the-air with the right profile and installed configuration.

What's New in iOS 10.2 Beta 7

Apparently the update does not present any novelty, except the correction of errors around its batteries, and stability improvements.
However, join us to make a little review on the new features of this new version of IOS 10.2:

  • iOS 10.2: Enter new emoji, as the faces of clowns, face fox, owl, shark, butterfly, among others.
  • The update also introduces Emoji profession available in both sexes, such as firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, scientist and more. Apple has also redesigned many existing emoji, adding more details to make them appear more realistic.

  • Along with new emoji, iOS 10.2 also included: A new type of wallpaper, to better customize our device.
  • New music sorting options, new buttons, and new screen effects.
  • The TV application serves as a TV guide designed by Apple, which aims to simplify the television viewing experience and allow users to discover new TV shows and movies to watch.
  • The TV application is available both on iOS devices like the Apple TV (in TVOS 10.1 beta) and iOS 10.2 as the "Videos" application widget that has completely replaced the new application "TV", now Will serve as iOS TV and cinema hub.
  • A new option in the camera, will allow us to retain the last settings we had in our camera.
  • New emergency contacts: We allow you to automatically notify the contacts you have selected, when the SOS function is used on the iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Apple includes new message iMessage effect such as: "Send with love" "Celebration" and.
  • New icon on the status bar when using Bluetooth headset is made.
  • The SOS function will come up: Australia, Canada, China, United States, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, France, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Russia.
  • And finally, you can activate the lock / unlock function by pressing 5 times the Sleep button.
Without any doubt, these are important parts within the changes that the new beta 7 introduces us through the last update. Update that is temporarily available for developers and users subscribed to the trial beta.

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