Apple patents the technology for dual SIM and separate antennas, will we see it on the iPhone 8? -


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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Apple patents the technology for dual SIM and separate antennas, will we see it on the iPhone 8?

In the technology sector, manufacturers struggle to be the first to patent features that integrate their next devices. The clearest example is the battle between Apple and Samsung, who have been competing for years in this regard and even have several litigation in court.

Tim Cook's company is one of those more patents disclosed in CydiaPlus I have discussed some as interesting as describing an iPhone with flexible display , or showing a new system for augmented reality . But now comes news about a new patent.

Apple has a patent for dual-SIM technology

Registered in the database of the Patent and Trademark United States ( USPTO ), this new patent granted to Apple describes a dual-SIM technology with two separate antennas. As stated in the specialized portal Phone Arena , by applying this concept to a future iPhone, the company achieved work with two SIM cards and determine the priority between them. Thanks to the technology described in the patent, the card being used for one call will have priority over the other, in charge of data traffic.

This implies that upon receiving, for example, an invitation to a game, it will have no effect on the course of the call. The patent also describes the support for LTE networks, which is completely logical if we consider that we talk about iPhone, with good features. This means that the fact of having two SIM cards will not compromise at all aspects of connectivity.

At the moment it is only a patent, and we know that many of them do not come to fruition. But if Apple decides to implement this technology soon, we could see an iPhone 8 support for dual SIM, which would be good news for users and would make phones even stronger rivals in the current catalog apple smartphone. Would you like an iPhone 8 with this feature?

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