Apple Pay and Carrefour make your purchases easier today -


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Friday, 16 December 2016

Apple Pay and Carrefour make your purchases easier today

Since Apple Pay landed in Spain last December 1, the vast majority thought that few businesses would venture to add this payment service through the mobile terminal overnight. And that was how only Banco Santander made available to its customers Apple Pay. Now he comes great news is that the French multinational Carrefour offers from today Apple Pay in almost all supermarkets and online store.

With this, Carrefour becomes the first trade in enabling payment through apple pay with their own credit card. And the French firm will allow the application through Apple Pay make secure payments and very simple just using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Today, more than 100 Carrefour stores will have this function available, but will soon be extended to the entire country.

Carrefour PASS and Apple Pay, a safe marriage

In case you did not know, they are more than 2 million users who use the Carrefour PASS card each week. This card is associated with an account number. Well, Carrefour PASS may be included in our apple pay well and can make our purchases in and out of an establishment Carrefour. Only it is necessary that such trade be available contactless payment (contactless).

And if that were not enough, Apple Pay is also fully compatible with all services Carrefour offers members of The Club Carrefour and PASS card customers. Through the Mi Carrefour app on your iPhone, you can benefit from discounts and promotions from your trusted supermarket. Once we have our discount, just we pay with Apple Pay safely and smoothly.

Is my iPhone or Watch compatible with Carrefour PASS and Apple Pay?

Apple and Carrefour have wanted users of the latest iOS platforms to be the first to benefit from these services. Therefore, users who have an iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, in addition to either of the two editions of Apple Watch (1st generation and Series 2) You can enjoy the benefits of Apple Pay with your Carrefour PASS.

How to set up Apple Pay with Carrefour PASS

The first thing you should do to make the first steps to set up your iPhone Apple Pay . After that, we'll give you small guidelines of what you should do to get to have your Carrefour PASS card associated with your Apple Pay and your iPhone, in addition to the ability to pay only with your Apple Watch.

On iPhone

In Apple Watch

Is Apple Pay and Carrefour secure?

Apple has spent his entire story struggling to make their systems and devices impassable, as you know. Carrefour has realized this, and has wanted that the security that so much shows the signature of Cupertino is reflected in the payments that Carrefour offers from today to all its clients. Our card number is not stored on Apple's servers instead, a number or unique code is generated, it is encrypted and securely protected with a code that is changing.

As for online shopping, Apple Pay works very simply. The Touch ID technology of our iPhone is so advanced, secure, Carrefour offers the possibility to pay for purchases only playing Touch ID, without having to fill those tedious forms hundreds of online stores require us before paying for a product .

And if you want to pay through a web in the Safari browser, you can do so from iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, also from the macOS Sierra system thanks to the new touch bar MacBook Pro this year, presented in October.

So do not forget, if you're using Carrefour and you have an iPhone, do not wait and take advantage of the advantages of being both client can pay with Apple Pay your usual setting shopping services. In addition, having also an Apple Watch, your purchases will be much easier and safer now that Carrefour and Apple join forces in our country.

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