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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Apple Pay in Spain is already a reality

Mobile payments have become popular considerably in recent months because of the convenience they offer as more and more users with existing terminals that have NFC technology for contactless payments there. Yesterday we announced the landing of Apple Pay in Spain , thanks to an agreement between the Cupertino giant and Banco Santander.

Apple Pay was introduced officially in September 2014, as part of the keynote presentation of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But the service did not start to spread immediately, was a few months later when he began in the United States. The union with Banco Santander and allow mobile payments in the UK since July 2015, and finally lands in Spain.

Apple Pay in Spain is already a reality

For the operation of this system of contactless payments it is necessary, on the one hand, a device equipped with NFC, and the other, a sales terminal (or POS) compatible with this technology. We can now find TPV in many establishments, Banco Santander has estimated that Apple may be paid with Pay in about 75% of Spanish shops.

So Apple Pay is available for the iPhone and Apple Watch, but also on Mac computers that have been upgraded to macOS Sierra. The supported phone models are: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus , iPhone 6s and 6s Plus , and of course the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus .

As I mentioned, Apple has allied with Banco Santander to launch this service in Spain. It seems that in the launch finally left out heavyweights like CaixaBank or BBVA, although it is expected to join later this service for devices bitten apple. In addition to the clients of Banco Santander, they can also make mobile payments with Apple Pay users in Spain American Express, Carrefour Ticket Restaurant and cards.

On its website , Apple offers a list of partners that works for mobile payment service. They include names like: Bershka, C & A, Cepsa, Lidl, Massimo Dutti, MediaMarkt, Pull & Bear, Springfield, Starbucks, Stradivarius, Repsol, Vips, or Zara. They announce that soon they will also be on the Fnac and BP list. With the arrival of Apple Pay to Spain, the total number of countries in which it operates amounts to 13.

How to use Apple Pay on iOS devices

To use Apple Pay mobile payments, simply add the app "Wallet" a credit card or debit card that is compatible. This application comes preinstalled on all iOS devices with NFC technology. Also you can use apple pay for online transactions with the new Touch ID button of the MacBook Pro 2016 .

Apple now faces Pay Android competitors like Samsung Pay, BBVA or Santander Wallet Wallet. Although it is to see what their reception in Spain, the fact is that Apple Pay is among the most commonly used payment methods on the Internet . And you, will you use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay or will you continue with traditional methods?

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