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Monday, 5 December 2016

Apple prepares a revolution in Maps with important news

In September 2017 and hand iPhone iOS 8 you can see the light in November, the new Apple operating system for mobile devices. In it and as is customary we will see numerous improvements in general and the renewal of native apps. If iOS 10 was the turn iMessage or messages , it seems that iOS Maps which 11 will undergo a major facelift. And it was time.

It's amazing how Apple has been neglecting its native navigation app by condemning it to ostracism in front of Google Maps or Waze, to give several examples. So far, the excuse given for owning a network of maps bit updated was the little benefit that reported them to the required investment, but that could change having found a possible reef in transportation through its foray into intelligent vehicles with Car Apple, Apple's imminent bet.

In the next update, Maps include improved navigation with detailed instructions for changing lanes instructions, it will update its 3D maps and expand its mapping including indoor maps of places such as museums, shopping centers or airports to receive detailed orders of location and direction . These are just a few of the many improvements planned for Maps, which will be implemented on both iOS and Mac OS X.

To achieve this , Apple has a large fleet of drones and authorization of various organizations of air traffic in order to capture the updated images of streets, roads and buildings. Until now this function was carried out by a system of vehicles, but with its new method it will obtain more precise results and that allow a more agile update.

But one of its most attractive novelties will be the inclusion of internal maps of places such as museums, shopping centers, airports, stations, among others, which allow users in the near future a precise orientation through Wi-Fi, and That GPS does not usually work too well indoors.

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