Apple publishes its first report on Artificial Intelligence -


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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Apple publishes its first report on Artificial Intelligence

As promised, Apple has released its first report on what they have learned about Artificial Intelligence.

Apparently, the report refers to a recognition system very similar images that already uses the company with the Photos app in iOS, but obviously it is something much more sophisticated.

Unlike other learning systems, the one shown by Apple uses images generated by computers and not real objects, since the synthetic images are already labeled and it is not necessary to add the same information.

Similarly, one of the reasons that the Cupertino chose the use of artificial versus real images was saving time, although one of the conclusions of the report is to combine the use of both images.

Moreover, the rest of the report talks about the technical details of the study, but also what we will see in the future, as those of the bite apple are also working on video recognition.

Via | Forbes

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