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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Apple sues not to use patents

Apple has been sued by a family for the tragic loss of her daughters. James and Bethany Modisette have sued Cupertino for not including patented technology on their iPhone that could prevent a driver from using FaceTime while driving.

The company is dedicated to patent every year each invention arises in their R & D, so it is expected that many things that patent run slowly apply - if they do ...

A tragic loss

Two sisters died from a traffic accident, the responsible person was talking on FaceTime while driving. How the person testified to the police, as well as the agents who were involved in the accident could verify: the iPhone still kept FaceTime open after the accident.

Parents of the victims sue Apple for a patent in 2014 that Apple defined a system capable of disabling any function of the iPhone that could interfere with safe driving. The family believes that Apple has some responsibility for not having included this technology yet in its devices.

We clarify certain things

Despite the terrible loss of these parents, we can assume that:

  • Patenting something does not imply its inclusion.
  • Limiting drivers can hurt the experience of passengers.

It is quite incomprehensible to a video chat while driving, do not know what came into her head to the person driving. But if there is something we know is that the error is not from Apple.

We are not lawyers but

Although the patent, if implemented, could have prevented the tragedy. This does not describe in any online service or Apple FaceTime. So in the trial this is going to be one of Apple's tools to safeguard itself.

Remember, we are not lawyers and, please, do not do this kind of crazy behind the wheel.

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