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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Apple Watch and AirPods, a couple with interesting possibilities

The AirPods have been released by Apple as the ultimate wireless headset for the iPhone. However, its use is not limited only to the smartphone, you can also be used with any Apple device and even with devices from other brands . And one of the most interesting couples for the new AirPods is the Apple Watch.

Apple Wireless Headsets can be easily linked to any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch associated with your iCloud account. And it does not stop there, because when AirPods pair up the Apple Watch earn a few features that can make them even more out if possible.

So if you have an Apple Watch and you plan to make with AirPods we invite you to keep reading because here are five things we can do with this curious couple. Here we go!

Things you can do with AirPods and Apple Watch

The AirPods have some extra features when paired an Apple Watch, one might even say that can make them even more out if possible , than if connected to an iPhone. So let's not take any more time and let's get these five things you can do when you connect the AirPods to your smartwatch.

Know the battery level of the AirPods

There are several ways to know how much battery AirPods have left: there is a widget in the iPhone Notifications Center and when you open the box with the headset inside you will see a window with the charge level of both handset and Own box that acts as a charger. The Apple Watch also lets you know the charge level of the AirPods easily, just deploy the Control Center and click on the clock battery percentage.

Here you will see the battery level of the Apple Watch, an option to activate the mode to save battery and the load remaining for each Airpod individually. As simple as that!

Control music playback

AirPods have a simple and minimalist design, to the point that it has no physical controls, so it is necessary to use Siri to move forward, backward, pause or listen to a theme. However, with the Apple Watch it is different thanks to the app "Now Playing" that comes preinstalled, because through it you can control what you're listening to AirPods easily.

Control the volume of AirPods

Just as with the playback theme, if you have the AirPods connected to the iPhone the only way to control the volume is through Siri. However, with the Apple Watch app also uses the "Now Playing" to control the volume of what you're listening to AirPods.

Listen to music from the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch allows you to listen to music and already if you connect the AirPods you can forget completely to carry the iPhone, something perfect for the lovers of the sport. Do not forget that the smartwatch has 8GB of internal storage where you can store your favorite songs, as well as the ability to save a list of Apple Music to enjoy it where and when you want.

Receive calls on AirPods

As you hear, never better said. One of the things that threw more at fault in the Bluetooth headset was to receive a phone call with them. The Apple Watch allows you to accept calls by pressing the green button on the screen, but this was received directly on the watch.

In order to receive the call in the headphones had to be passed manually after picking up from the Apple Watch, but with the AirPods can be received directly in them, acting as hands-free. Of course, in order to receive the call must be using the AirPods with Apple Watch at the time of receiving the call, you will see a different icon appears on the screen that will transfer directly to the headphones.

You see, the AirPods are complemented quite well with the Apple Watch and offers the user several options to facilitate things even further. And it is that the mission of Apple is to achieve a unique user experience and unequaled, and with the AirPods has gotten again, do not you think?

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