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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Apple Watch could turn around and radically change its design

The patent war is an issue that has for years been a focus of rivalry between the major manufacturers in the technology sector. In fact, it becomes very important if we consider that innovation is becoming more elusive and more precious by users. In this war, two heavyweights like Apple and Samsung have leading roles with media accusations of plagiarism cases that reach the courts.

So patent an idea is vital to avoid future problems, and Apple is a good example because it records a lot of patents, something that does not mean that they end up seeing the light in a final product. A few days ago we showed you the first images of the patent flexible screen iPhone , but Apple is also seeking changes to their watches. Let's see what it is about the last thing that has come to light.

The design of the Apple Watch could turn around and abandon the rectangular shape

This is what has become known portal Apple Insider , publishing three possible Apple patents reveal their intentions to face a significant redesign of its successful smartwatches. One describes an intelligent environmental sensor that would embedded in a speaker system. But most striking is undoubtedly the circular screen format, which would break with tradition that has followed the signing of Tim Cook rectangular designs.

According to this medium, Apple has filed two patent applications, both under the title "Electronic device with screen curved edges" and published by the Patent and Trademark United States. Since the beginning of 2016 it has been rumored about the investigation of non - rectangular screens for devices that the Cupertino giant takes place. It is clear that Apple has in its roadmap to launch a product of these characteristics.

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The documents also describe a technology drivers and other possibilities for feeding a circular panel. Actually it seems that Apple wants to implement a display technology circular screen very similar to that present in the current rectangular. The panel is housed in a rounded housing with an inactive area at the edge, where the circuitry for the controllers is hidden, in addition to the other support components.

As with the other screens of mobile devices company, circulate the proposed model would integrate an array of pixels arranged in rows and columns. This provision would aim to accommodate a rounded design with four curved edges, since these rows and columns of pixels may have different lengths.

These are concepts described in patents, which does not mean that Apple will launch new Apple Watch with circular designs, because it would mean a break with the line that has remained in its catalog for years. In any case, it is clear that the apple bite company has among its plans a change of appearance for its Apple Watch. Will they finally be circular?

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