Apple will appeal the European Commission's sanction for tax avoidance -


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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Apple will appeal the European Commission's sanction for tax avoidance

How expected, it seems that Apple is not willing to disburse 13.000 million euros for failing to pay taxes in Ireland.

As reported in Reuters , the Cupertino submitted an appeal to the General Court of the European Union to avoid paying such taxes.

"Apple is no exception in any case for legal purposes. Apple is a convenient target because it generates numerous headlines.
"The Irish have offered the expert opinion of an incredibly respected Irish lawyer specializing in taxes. The Commission not only attacked that (not argued far as we know), possibly not read it . "
As they explain, the European Commission was wrong when he said that Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe only exist on paper as a mechanism to divert revenues from domestic subsidiaries belonging to Apple.

What's more, according to the latest statements by Bruce Sewell, Apple's chief legal officer:

"The fact that a company is a holding company with no employees on its books does not mean it is idle, since when Tim Cook makes decisions that have an impact on ASI, the Commission says that we do not care because it is not an employee of ASI, it is an employee of Apple Inc. "
Moreover, it is important to note that although Apple has dominated the front pages of economic and technological press around the world, other companies like Amazon are also being investigated by the European authorities for similar practices.

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