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Monday, 5 December 2016

Apple will revolutionize the future of transportation

It is not the first time we heard about Apple and the automotive world, but this time is different. Since some time ago talking about the possibility that the company Apple is working on its own autonomous car , and now has learned that among the plans Apple would revolutionize the future of transportation.

As in all new in Apple working on plans related to the automotive world there is also an aura of mystery around him. However, recently a notice of communication that Apple has sent to the regulatory authorities of the sector of the United States in which some important data is revealed.

This note addressed to the NHTSA (National Administration of Traffic Safety US), Apple asks the government to the tests made with autonomous vehicles is not restricted. Want to know more about how Apple could revolutionize the world of transportation?

Apple confirms that it is working on an automotive project

In this letter signed by Steve Kenner, director of product integrity Apple's recent plan of the United States Department of Transportation mentioned for the deployment process "highly automated vehicles" is carried out with maximum safety. On the other hand, Apple notes that they use automatic learning to make their services more intelligent, intuitive and personal.

The company talks about the huge investment being made in the study of machine learning and automation. In addition, they speak with great enthusiasm of the potential that these automated systems have in different areas, including the transport.

Apple, as a new company in the automotive sector, calls for plans and safety testing not be affected by not being an automaker, but should receive the same treatment as a manufacturer like Ford and Tesla, for example.

The letter sent by Apple to the NHTSA does not offer many details about their plans in the automotive world, but makes clear that the bitten apple company has interest in this sector. And when Apple sets its sights on a target, it tries to do its best and revolutionize the market, so the world of transportation was not going to be less.

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