Apple withdraws from the App Store a lethal app for your iPad -


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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Apple withdraws from the App Store a lethal app for your iPad

If anything Apple can boast is to have a free operating system on their computers virus both on their mobile devices. And is that both iOS and Mac OS X are fairly stable and robust. Of course, Apple does not get rid of rogue malware diverse - mostly from internet - such as spam email and iCloud , phising or third - party apps. The apps are the true soul of our iPhone and iPad, they are what make a versatile gadget, a tool capable of almost everything.

IKilo is the case, an app that Apple just removed immediately from the App Store after numerous complaints and destroying several iPad. It is not the only, but Apple usually remove many potentially dangerous applications frequently . Take care, we tell you all the information to avoid the disaster.

How does iKilo work?

The application in question promised to transform your iPad into a scale, quite sought on these dates that mix binges as if there were no tomorrow with good intentions for next year , as point us to a gym year. In fact, iKilo is one of the most downloaded apps in the health category and is running even rumor of a possible acquisition by Apple for its integration into the HealthKit pack .

In the words of its description, iKilo makes use of various pressure sensors built into the iPad to measure our body mass, returning the result in a similar style to that of a pharmacy scale interface.

But what happened to put the iPad to the ground and stood upon is that the device gave in to the pressure and broke, leaving unutilized. While the app ensures their specifications " is not liable for damages that may occur to your device" in theory it should bear the approximate average weight of 75 kilograms.

As expected, after suffering the unpleasant experience, many users have left their review in the App Store, so Apple has decided to heal itself in health and although technically it was not the app itself that was unusable devices but ourselves, the result at the end was the same: a broken and useless iPad.

So please share this information if you know someone who has downloaded iKilo and have it on your iPad or intends to do so over the Internet, where it can still be found. The life of your iPad is in danger.

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