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Monday, 5 December 2016

Are smartwatches doomed to failure?

The question has been in the air, practically since the launch of the original Apple Watch. After the arrival of Cupertino's first wearable company, many other companies (already present in the industry) decided to invest more in the hardware and software of their smartwatches.

However, today it seems that the main smartwatches are focused exclusively on sports and fitness. Will they be able to offer more benefits in the future? Will your operating systems become more complete and efficient platforms? Or are they doomed to failure?

there is an app for that!

It is true that the Apple Watch , and many other smartwatches different companies offer users quite useful functions when performing daily tasks. In fact, as he likes to say Tim Cook often, whatever it is you want to do with your smartwatch there is always an app for that.

Indeed, there are hundreds of applications for smartwatches, but thousands. But at what price? Use an application on a wearable does not provide the same feelings and the same experiences on a smartphone or a tablet.

Smartwatches are a solution that looks for a problem

More and more users choose to take their iPhone out of pocket as a reflex act instead of using their Apple Watch. And this is due to lack of features and usability of applications watchOS 3. Yes, use the Apple Watch for certain purposes is much faster, but not necessarily more efficient.

I sincerely believe that the reason why engineers wearables companies are in trouble is because smartwatches, today, do not do anything particularly useful to differentiate them from other devices. The big idea was to eliminate the need to get smartwatches out of the pocket. But the dilemma is that we use smartphones too often. We do not have a problem to take the iPhone out of the pocket or the bag to, for example, look at the time.

By focusing all its efforts on offering fitness functions to its users, Apple has managed to maximize its smartwatch. But what will happen in the future? Will it have other uses? Will we see a hybrid between a smartphone and a smartwatch within a few years? Perhaps the answer lies in the use of OLED panels for the displays of the devices.

From CP, of course, we do not think that Apple Watch or any other smartwatch is doomed to failure. We still hope that in the not too distant future, companies will be able to launch wearables much more useful, efficient, and complete. In fact, if you think about it, the smartphone came many years after the mobile phone, right?

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