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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Bad news for Apple iPad

Bad news for Apple iPad. If the gossips predict a historic slump in sales of iPad , the new filtration we told you certainly will not promote them . And everything suggests that the launch of the next generation of iPad Pro would be launched in 2017 , it looks set to be delayed. Even when? Surely, until they can solve this very serious problem.

The source of the rumor is a reliable source that says the more than possible new iPad Pro delay the A10X 10 nanometer chip will integrated device whose performance indices seem to be lower than expected due. A catastrophic news, especially when Apple boasted of his impeccable power .

The company that is experiencing such first-hand problems is the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which has long been supplying the chips to Apple.

Obviously, until they fail to correct the problem that can ensure optimum performance and powerful new chip A10X, the volume of production in the next year will be delayed. Of course, if the strength of Apple iPad is its stability, power and strength, it would be unthinkable to offer a tablet that does not meet expectations, and the guidance that Apple intends to give the iPad to the professional world .

The iPad has had a rather poor sales outlook this 2016 and everything looks like it will be worse in the next year. In fact, previous reports suggest that Apple has reduced orders for components to manufacture the iPad anticipating this fall, which is not expected until 2018 will overcome when Apple releases an update to its truly meaningful gadgets.

Do you plan to buy an iPad this 2017 or wait to see what will be the next big launch Apple? Do you think the tablet market is falling because of the phablets and the All-in-One?

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