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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Bad news, GO Pokémon will not hit Apple Watch

It was a few months ago when the phenomenon Pokémon GO copaba all platforms with, initially, compelling gameplay, where the real world was going to be your field. Everyone came to download this app at some point, if only to take a look.

And it is that anyone who had played in the past Pokémon could resist such fun to relive those moments we spent touring map of the Kanto region in its first generation. However, the nostalgia effect would not last long, and little by little we are seeing how it disappears that fever by the Pokémon GO.

The development of Pokemon GO for Apple Watch has been stopped

As I said, the game demand decreases with each passing, although Niantic not cease in its efforts to turn this game into something really addictive month with each update . For this reason, the development of the same is being affected, especially regarding the plans to create a port for Apple Watch.

After having announced in September along with keynote other great innovations like the iPhone 7 today, sources of 9to5Mac and the official Pokémon support GO itself have confirmed that the development of the version for Apple Watch has been arrested. The decision would have been made on the basis of low demand, so that they see the possibility of a resumption of development if sufficient demand returns.

Pokemon GO is not as addictive as it seemed at first

This bad news has caught by surprise many users of the game. However, personally I think it was somewhat predictable, at least from my point of view. I myself have played the game in its beginnings, and although I have been downloading it again sometimes, it has not managed to really hook me up.

I can understand that many players have found the perfect game in Pokémon GO, but I think it is becoming clear that they are not enough for Niantic to continue working on projects like this port for Apple Watch. And the truth is that it seems a shame.

And you, are you still playing Pokemon GO?

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