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Friday, 2 December 2016

Best 38 Features Apple added in iOS 11

EverythingApplePro Has been prepared and published 30 video properties like Apple added in iOS 11 to watch will be interesting to see how they do.

iOS is the operating system for Apple's portable devices, be it iPhone iPod and iPad to update a new version each time users like us. Always expect the new features. Added to always

It has 38 properties on iOS 11

EverythingApplePro The foreign media has been prepared and published more than 30 videos feature compelling features that Apple added in iOS 11 would have to watch what I do.

1. New UI redesign

Who introduced the concept model revealed that Apple icon (icon) of the placement and style of the original for a long time. Should make changes to usage patterns are more diverse than this.

2. animated icons

For an animated icon on the recommendation talking. The moves are not alone But out of that app, such as the Maps app shows where we are at now, Message app shows who sent us the latest and Weather app shows the current weather icon.

3. Customize the font.

Those wishing to introduce iOS 11 fully customize the font style (font) the needs of the user. Users can download the open typefaces are available at the App Store.

4. Dark Night Mode

As for the features of this many people waiting to see it, since the launch of iPhone 7/7 Plus, the guide reveals that if a user can activate a Dark Night of the background and display a black color scheme is. the color of the iPhone as a Black and Black jet Black as well.

5. Add the show - the sound bar.

The increase - the volume in the iOS version of the past. Will be on display at the center. Which may obscure the view on the screen at that time revealed that the introduction of the status bar at the top is empty, Apple should consider the increase - reducing noise. To show the part instead.

6. Split Screen Multitasking

The device has a larger screen like the iPad and iPhone 5.5 "is perfect to have this feature. The guide says Big Screen High performance machine Should you use this feature. The app allows users to open applications. And displayed on the same screen.

7. Open the small screen While the application prior notice.

For example, the recommendation that should be added to allow users to turn the video on Youtube and show videos on a small screen. The widening scale And the screen will still be displayed. Although users will be close to Youtube and the App application otherwise.

8. Passcode Lock each application slope.

In addition to the lock code Passcode then suggested that it should be used Passcode lock individual apps, the apps have, if we do not want people to see Message, we can enter the Passcode Lock app Message has. etc.

9. modes using just one hand

If we tap the button in iOS 10 Home 2 times the screen is moved down to half its users. Can be used one-handed But the suggestion that it is not fully revealed. He expected that the iOS 11 mode should be used for only really usable. In the Paragraph panel to the left. Or the right to use one hand more easily than ever before.

10. Add functions needed Control Center.

I suggest that the function of the Control Center in iOS 10 has not reached the real use. Something that should be there, but not like the turn - off to Cellular enables users to open - disabled easily. The user should be able to decide. What is the function displayed in the Control Center does.

11. Control Center collapse to a single page.

In iOS 10 to Control Center and the many other pages, but put that adding Control Center makes it difficult to use such as adjusting the brightness of the screen is more difficult than ever - off Night Shift Mode area. excessive The recommendations propose that the Control Center in iOS 11 should collapse to a single page. Various buttons and functions better.

12. Add 3D Touch features the Control Center.

Those wishing to introduce iOS 11 can use the 3D Touch Control Center, more than ever before. For example, by pressing the 3D Touch Wifi function to be able to choose whether to include a Wifi connection which can shortcut into the Wifi or Bluetooth by pressing the 3D Touch.

13. Fixed a device connected via Bluetooth.

They suggest that if the proposed amendment of the connected device through a Bluetooth connection can be identified more easily. If you can not resolve a device. Most devices will display a model name, such as G7 R380 which time we might not know what it is and what exactly.

14. Show the number keys on your keyboard. While password

If you noticed the great time we enter the password in the password iOS 10 Ea numbers to press keys to switch to enter. The guide said that if the iOS 11 moving figures on top of the letters on the keyboard. It makes it easier to enter the password. No need to switch

15. Select an application and get started.

The guide wanted iOS 11 have functions that the user can select an application to start to open data formats, such as Web Browser start (Safari, Chrome) opening the map via the Maps app or. Google Maps, etc.

16. Functions Clear Cache.

When using an application, it will be in time to collect garbage in the many apps in the iOS version before the Clear app data by deleting the app and then reloaded. So I want to be able to introduce the iOS 11 Clear Cache data in each application's functionality. Without having to remove and reinstall.

17. Wallpaper to add more

For Background (Wallpaper) that came with iOS coming back to a smaller number. The background of iOS with both slides. animation I would like to introduce the iOS 11 are added to the background of each model more than ever. There are many different ways

18. Clear button app.

If we are closing in Multitask to press the Home button twice, then "slides disregarded" If individual apps open, but it may take a little. The recommendations propose that in iOS 11 should have one button, the system will go off all apps that were open.

19. Photos app supports opening files, Gif.

IMessage app, users can open files or play. Gif Photos app, but that's not always possible. The guide reveals that Apple should put this feature to the Photos app so that users can download. And the animated image of the extension. Gif without having to open another application.

20. Resolution on change While shooting video

Changing the resolution of the video in iOS 10 users must set up from the beginning. Can not change the resolution of the camera app. I would like to introduce the iOS 11 fully customizable features. During the video, such as adjusting the resolution of the video recording. Makes users more convenient than ever.

21. Slide to unlock it back!

To unlock the device into the Home of iOS 10 can be offensive to many users, because customers need to tap or press the Home button on the Slide to unlock iOS 9 easier. Therefore, I would like to introduce iOS 11 can allow users to choose. How to unlock access to the machine, however, may use Slide to unlock, Press button to unlock as needed.

22. Adjust Animation faster

IOS 10 in the opening - or closing the sliding applications. There will be more delays Maicon flow as it should. The recommendation proposed that a new modified form Animation in iOS 11 to the various movements. A fast fluid than ever.

23. Siri Smarter

The guide said it would provide an update to Siri intelligent than ever before. Interact faster than ever And can work well although the Offline mode is not connected to the Internet is given.

24. Cut the size limits for download over Cellular out.

If you want to download Or to update the app with more than 100MB 3G 4G connection can be quite difficult. I would like to introduce the iOS 11 download size limit cut this part out, because as of now, the connection speed is faster Cellular and thoroughly than before.

25. Ignore the warning even more.

The guide suggests that if there is a notification from the app. Users should be able to tap to view details on iOS 10 or more because their predecessors. When an alert Users can browse a little. To see details Tap it to open the app.

26. Move apps into any position.

IOS 11 in the guide suggests. Users should be able to position the app anywhere. The system does not need to be sorted automatically. This may suit some users who want to group. Place the apps manually open the app, as it often is at the bottom right to open the tap so easy.

27. Show app by using a Cellular - less.

If we want to know which apps you use the most data Cellular may be a little difficult. Because the screen is set to sort apps by name, so the iOS 11 guide reveals what sort apps by size using Cellular more - less so the user can choose to disable Cellular with a variety of apps. more

28. Limit the maximum Cellular.

If the remaining 3G 4G, or want to limit the maximum volume to be used. The guide said that in iOS 11 should have this function. The media Contents At present, high quality Cellular data may not be so much a function of this. So users Cellular connections can be used in moderation and not wasteful.

29. The copy / paste.

The guide reveals that the copy / paste the data should show that we have nothing to copy data. And want to put anything For example We've copied text word iPhonemod, Apple, MacBook Pro earlier. The copying other messages. It can be shown that what we used to copy some text. In order to not have to copy the same text multiple times.

30. Add Device button back to the big screen.

If iPhone iPad big screen to the back button is quite difficult. The back button in the upper left of the screen. So who wants to add the guide said. Or a shortcut, users can roll back to the big screen easier. The Back button may be a little lower.

31. Discussion groups have Facetime

Those wishing to introduce iOS 11 supports Facetime chat support group chat together four people to help Facetime useful for practical applications than ever before. Without Skype or other apps.

32. Shooting RAW has

Apple added features of the camera as well. The camera behind a pair of recommendations proposed that the iPhone 7 Plus. With a high performance camera. Should be supported by RAW shooting so users can shoot up to more decorative. Do imaging camera. The more interesting

33. Apple Music played music together with other iDevice.

For example, the introduction in iOS 11 if we turn the music on the iPhone, Apple Music, then home, then open the Apple TV music ever played on the iPhone should be coming to the Apple TV at all.

34. Have App Drawer

This time we want to manage all the apps on iOS 10 is quite difficult. Because all apps Each page is divided to the Home Screen, the proposed recommendations that would have iOS 11 App Drawer is to include all the apps on the button. Or display a single page Find the app to manage your apps easily enough.

35. Send the file via Bluetooth to other devices.

Another limitation of the iOS version is earlier. Users can send files via Bluetooth to devices or iDevice, Apple only introduced the iOS 11 said it would support sending files via Bluetooth to devices other than Apple's, too.

36. Open NFC API for developers.

NFC not been used much more widely. This technology makes it relatively limited I would like to introduce the Apple Open NFC API allows developers to build on. To develop a new application functionality. The use of NFC have

37. A compression app screen.


No wonder why Apple introduced the App compressed screen itself. Today, users need to download an app packed screens from elsewhere. So expect the introduction in iOS 11 should have allowed the compression app to download and use, and more.

38. iPad iPad OS should own.

With the larger screen of the iPad using the iOS of iPhone user guide that rarely is much the iPad should have the iPad OS is itself already a macOS tvOS watchOS to use a larger screen at full capacity. more than this


All the features introduced in EverythingApplePro suggested purpose is to let Apple know the needs of real users. Many may say that it has all the features already available in the Android system, which always stressed that its recommendations. Several properties Available in the Android is really useful Apple itself should be considered a handful of those features into iOS 11 to attract more sure.

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