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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Check if you've played the Christmas lottery with these apps for iPhone and iPad

Today is the big day when the traditional draw for the Christmas lottery is held. A day that for many is the kickoff for Christmas in which everyone puts their hopes that the Gordo touch.

While it is true that the chances of you touch the Gordo Christmas are very low, we must never lose hope and illusion, because ... what if this year's yours? Also, do not forget that there are also quite large prizes, as well as the well-known stone.

Who else and who least plays even a number to the Lottery and Christmas. And with the passage of time this extraordinary lottery has become a time when the Spaniards decide to share the illusion as tenth or ballot with family, coworkers, friends ... Want to know if the Number or numbers you play in the Christmas Lottery have been awarded a prize? Here we leave you several applications for the iPhone and iPad with which you can find out easily.

Check if your numbers for the Christmas draw have been rewarded with these apps

Many people usually follow the draw by television or radio, but today it is also possible to do so through applications for mobile devices, web pages that are updated in real time ... We at iPadizate we bring a small collection with some applications for iPhone and iPad with which you can check your tenths and shares easily and quickly.


One application that could not miss is TuLotero. Not only does it allow you to play the Christmas Lottery, you can also place your bets on Euromillions, Pimitiva, BonoLoto, etc. Once the draw is complete you can check from TuLotero if your numbers are prize or not.

Bruixa D'Or

The first official implementation of the administration of the country 's most famous lottery: The Bruixa d'Or de Sort. With it you can buy your lottery tickets comfortably from home (although this year is late), know quickly and easily if you have a prize and even add tenths purchased in physical administrations to a checklist.

Also you do not have to worry, because after the end of the draw will receive a notification that will warn you if any number of this checklist has been awarded. On the other hand, it offers you the possibility to buy those numbers for the Lottery of the Child.


Lotteries and State Bets (LAE) also has its own official application. In addition to being able to play the Extraordinary Draw of Christmas, also allows to play to the rest of sweepstakes that are made throughout the year of National Lottery, Euromillones or Primitiva, among others. In the app SELAE just enter the number of lottery play to see if it has been graceful, and if so, will show you the nearest lottery administrations.


This application has a very simple operation. Just register the number or numbers you play and once the draw ends the application automatically checks the numbers, and in case you have a prize tells you how much you have won exactly.

Check your Christmas décimos.

Ventura 24

This application allows you to check in real time if your lottery tickets Child Christmas or have been awarded. In addition, it does the same with other sweeps like Euromillions, Primitiva, BonoLoto, etc.

Once you complete the draw for the Christmas Lottery is taking place today can see if your tenths have a prize or not. Like the previous app and others in this list, it also offers the user the possibility to check the results of other sweepstakes of Lotteries and State Betting.


With this application you will be able to scan your lottery as soon as you buy it and forget everything until the moment of the draw. You can scan tickets National Lottery, Primitiva, Euromillions, BonoLoto or El Gordo de la Primitiva and the application automatically will send a notification when a lottery in which you are involved is held. In addition, he is able to calculate the prizes of dozens of tickets in just a few seconds.

These are some of the applications you can find in the App Store and will be of great help to check your numbers Lottery Christmas and know if you have any prize. As you can see, it is no longer necessary to wait for the press to publish the official list the next day, with these applications you can know it practically on the spot.

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