Chinese factories would not like to move iPhone production to the United States -


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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Chinese factories would not like to move iPhone production to the United States

Apple is considering moving some manufacturing processes China to the US, and Chinese manufacturers that does not make them any grace. A glass manufacturer for Apple has already said it will not move even if Foxconn does.

Since the company, Lens Technologies, says that will not leave you to consider moving all their heavy force the United States to depend on the demand for a product.

Another company that supplies Apple, has its entire manufacturing process in China. A metal manufacturing order would take 10 days in Shenzhen and a month or more in the United States without a complete manufacturing process in the country.

Apple has asked Foxconn

In June, Apple asked Foxconn and Pegatron if they could assess the possibility of transferring certain production processes to the US. Foxconn's chief executive said costs would double until the plan bore fruit. Pegatorn simply refused, since they could not bear the costs.

This study by Apple to companies with which it works is due to the policy advocated by Donald Trump in his election campaign that would force companies to make their products in the United States, arriving to impose high tariffs on the Outside the country.

While it gives a substantial incentive to companies that decide to return production processes to the United States. Tim Cook said that as much as raising taxes on products that are produced outside many companies will pay more to account than to create new factories in the United States.

All this information is collected in an interview by Tim Cook in December 2015 on a possible change of China to the United States. However, at that time Trump had not been elected president and his words were just that, words.

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