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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Clean your iPhone with iMyFone, get it for less than 5 euros with the Christmas promotion!

We use the iPhone for countless tasks and in the end we all do the same thing with the phone just full of junk files. Although when the device is used we try to keep it clean, with the use it is usual to need a cleaning. But no problem, because we have tools like iMyFone, now of Christmas promotion and is a very useful solution to clean iPhone.

Our phones are like huge pockets in which we keep, for example, photos and videos that we want to keep. But files that will not use, such as browser cookies, caches apps, records of backups, etc. are also stored. All this occupies a space that would be more useful for those files and applications that we do want to have on our iPhone.

Clean your iPhone with iMyFone, a simple and powerful tool

We found other programs for these tasks, but few offer a cleaning service really effective and some are even more of a nuisance than a help. But with the iMyFone of software Umate we can have our iPhone clean quickly, intuitively and securely from your Mac or Windows PC.

With iMyFone as interesting as we erase junk files, which removes cookies and temporary files and cache apps and error logs options. She also finds corrupt files and caches generated by third - party apps and photos of the reel to release even more space.

Another advantage offered is that we iMyFone comfort to uninstall and delete applications you no longer use, because it is able to detect and suggest which take up more space and use less frequently.

We can also reduce the size of photos, with lossless compression and by keeping the original backup software performs this automatically on your computer.

Once installed iMyFone on our Mac or Windows PC, you will see a sidebar where the options are mentioned. Of course, we will have complete control to know at all times what is removed from our iPhone.

Just try all the options to realize how much space is able to release iMyFone from Umate. Thanks to this software, we find that performance is optimized for iPhone a much more fluid experience.

Take advantage of the special offer and get iMyFone for a scandal price

The original price is around 29 euros, but with the promotion Umate dedicated users this holiday season, iMyFone is available for less than 5 euros.

In addition, we can also enjoy the Family Leave iMyFone Umate Pro and iMyFone D-Back with the price of Personal License. The steps are simple: go to Facebook, leave a LIKE on page iMyFone , choose the platform you want and go. It's a limited offer, so do not hesitate to get this powerful iPhone cleaner!

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