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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Connection problems in Super Mario Run, detected bug that does not allow to play

This Thursday, December 15 Nintendo released Super Mario Run worldwide, his first classic play adapted exclusively for iOS devices. The launch of Super Mario Run has achieved an unprecedented record in downloads and purchases, surpassing even Pokemon Go . And is that many have welcomed with anxiety the most famous plumber of all time. After several days of play, several users have echoed the first bug found in Super Mario Run, a connection problem. Read on for details.

Although the tests that the apps in general and the games in particular are numerous and conscientious in order to offer a stable and faultless version, the reality is that once it is released and used in an intensive and generalized way, there are always bugs, And Super Mario Run is no exception. The connection bug detected in Super Mario Run affects the relationship with one of the most used social networks such as Facebook.

And in Super Mario Run users post both Twitter and Facebook for two reasons: first to show proud their results and secondly, to find other users to compete in the racing mode, aiming to win Our adversary and that a good handful of Toads return the Kingdom Champion, collaborating in its reconstruction after the attack of Bowser.

However, it is when we try to log into Facebook when the fault occurs. When we click on looking for friends to find rivals to compete with, if the Super Mario Run app does not find a candidate for the first exchange, the game closes suddenly.

How to fix the Super Mario Run connection bug?

Since Nintendo has sent a press release reporting the bug, calling for calm and ensuring that saved game data not suffer any damage since the restart the game everything is as it was, yes, unable to find opponents On Facebook, but on Twitter. It is a matter of days that an update is released solving this bug Super Mario Run.

Have you experienced this bug playing Super Mario Run? Tell us how the experience was in the comments

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