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Friday, 16 December 2016

Deleting messages in WhatsApp will finally be possible

In recent months we have seen the arrival of many new features to WhatsApp. The most recent case is the one that came with the last update: video calls, which since last November 15 are now available to all , and also have the same encryption of chats to be safer.

In October came new ways to customize photos with drawings, text and emoji before sending. But maybe the next to arrive is a feature that many users were asking for some time: the ability to delete messages on WhatsApp chats. Let's see what this is about.

Deleting posts in WhatsApp, could finally be a reality

Any change in WhatsApp has a lot of impact, since it already has more than 1 billion users around the world. And now comes news from the Twitter account of WABetaInfo , which echoed a novelty that appears in the beta version of the application. The new feature, called "revoke", used to delete a message so that it disappears for which much has been written and for those who have received it.

Good news, right? Who has never wanted to delete a message for whatever reason? Well it seems that this option could come very soon, but with a particularity that may not like some. As I mentioned, the text will be deleted and will no longer be visible to both the sender and the receiver, but the space it occupied will be a sign to pray something like: "The message has been removed".

This development has been proven in a trial version for iPhone, specifically The way in which message erasure can be activated is still unknown. In any case, it is expected that sooner later we can check on our phones because being already present in the beta, the next step is to land in the official version. What do you think this way to delete messages? Did you expect something like that in WhatsApp?

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