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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Deleting a recent handwriting message in the iOS messaging app

The function of handwritten messages on iOS is a useful feature and can be used to write a note or draw a quick little sketch, but after sending a hand - written message from an iPhone or iPad to find that the manuscript is kept within From a small panel at the bottom of the handwritten message screen. If you want to remove a recent handwritten note so that it no longer appears in the thumbnail panel for quick sending, we'll show you how to do it easily from the iOS messaging application.

Deleting a recent handwriting from the quick access panel in the iOS messaging app

  • From the messages application, open any messages as usual and turn the iPhone sideways to access the handwritten messages mode. If you do it from an iPad, briefly press the write button.
  • Now press and hold any thumbnail of a handwritten message until you see that it moves with the (X) button. Then press the button (X) superimposed on any handwritten note to remove it from the list of thumbnails

  • Repeat the process with other handwritten messages if you wish
You can erase all of the default handwritten messages in this way, as well as the handwritten notes and doodles you've created and sent.

The method press and hold to delete is widely used throughout iOS, you probably recognize the gesture as the same that is used to remove an application quickly and to remove my default home screen of iOS and the Removal of stickers packs and message applications.

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