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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Discover a curious way not to lose the new AirPods

The US company has launched the AirPods just before Christmas, the perfect time to gain a sales boost for the holiday season. Apple wireless headsets are giving a lot of talk in recent days, and one of the topics that are discussed is whether they are lost or not easily.

While it is true that Apple already offers a solution that if you waste a Airpod or the cargo , having to pay back money to replenish it does not make much grace to everyone. And we must not forget that the AirPods cost € 179, a negligible figure.

Well, there are those who has managed to make sure not to lose any of their new AirPods. Do you want to know how?

Make sure you do not lose your AirPods with this trick

First of all I must say that this trick to keep the AirPods is not suitable for all users, and then you'll see why. Apple's wireless headsets have given much to talk about whether they will be lost easily or not, and Twitter user Andrew Cornett has found a most curious solution.

Cornett has uploaded a photo to his Twitter account showing their particular 'trick' to keep the new AirPods, which is simply to get the bottom of the handset within dilation which has in the earlobe. A solution that may seem unorthodox, but it must be recognized that it could be a fairly effective solution.

Ver imagen en Twitter

Of course, as we have said before, it is a trick not to lose AirPods that can only be used by those users who have dilatations in the ears. Can you think of any other way to secure the AirPods in your ears and not lose them? Tell us about it in the comments!

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