Do not miss the final way to get rid of your iPhone -


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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Do not miss the final way to get rid of your iPhone

Full insurance, tempered glass protectors, cases tested by the US Navy ... there are many and varied ways to take care of the iPhone, one of your most precious objects and that today serves us absolutely for everything. Of course, you will agree with me that there are many more ways to destroy it, both in a random and deliberate way. Today we will teach you a pretty geeky way - and dangerous - to turn your iPhone into ashes.

Why would someone in their right mind think of charging a thin, sleek and sophisticated iPhone? Well I do not know, maybe because it has come a new model and suffers the effect upgrade because he wants or for the sake of science. This is definitely my favorite option. If, like me, you are also one of those who find in the Discovery channel an endless entertainment and why not, a future goal: from blogger to iPad to presenter of Carnivorous Chronicles European version; This video will charm you.

Of course, first of all: do not try this at home - something that will not be very difficult as it is quite difficult to acquire the right tools to melt a metal like Aluminum - and if you do, please do not do it like These guys in their shorts and slippers. Aluminum melts at 660.3 ° C, do not want to know how it affects your tissues that temperature. But you can get an idea when you see the iPhone.

And the most precious jewel successful Apple has been possible thanks to the magic of aluminum ... so somehow, the iPhone returns to its origins.

The responsible ones of such brazenness? The boys Youtube channel Backyard Scientists , in other videos have already tested the efficiency of popcorn with molten aluminum or how it would give him a bath aluminĂ­nico a watermelon. Someone remove them aluminum, please.

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