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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Facebook releases Live Audio, to say what you want live from your iPhone

Social networks take time to evolve to encompass more ways to share multimedia content. Gone is the time when only text could be published and little else. Good examples of this change are the live videos, such as Facebook Live.

Instagram also reached its last great update , as well as Twitter, which already allows this feature to all users.

Zuckerberg's network now also wants to bet heavily on sound and, as a podcast, launches a new feature: Facebook Live Audio, so that our voice live to all users who want to listen.

Live Audio, that's the new thing about Facebook to emit live sound

Thanks to this implementation, Facebook has an option to broadcast live audio while the audience can comment and give your opinion in real time. Thus, we hear the public can interact with comments or ratings as LIKE or other reactions.

With Facebook Live Audio we can create our own radio and receive feedback from the live audience. The mechanics of this new feature is very simple, similar to the operation podcasts. Simply start the live broadcast and other users can continue from the news feed directly.

As the company announced on its official news blog , Facebook Live Audio land gradually throughout 2017. It will be available for all users from the mobile application, both the iPhone and iPad, as in Android.

Although Facebook has already made official the integration of Live Audio, at the moment they will only be able to broadcast live some radio stations and outstanding users. But today we can all follow the first transmissions, and over the next year will be available for everyone. Will you be encouraged to broadcast your voice live?

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