Finally, buying a Chinese mobile phone will not be a problem. The band reaches 800 Mhz -


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Friday, 9 December 2016

Finally, buying a Chinese mobile phone will not be a problem. The band reaches 800 Mhz

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, China Telecom, has announced that it will implement the 800 MHz band so we'll have fewer problems when moving matter.

Whenever you want to buy a Chinese mobile we consider the pros and cons and the value for money, for many reasons, it is better than in Spain.

However there is a price to pay, metaphorical, for the management of the guarantee and for some technical aspects, among which is the band 800 MHz.

In China they will use the band 800 MHz

China is one of the most important markets in the world and the one that your operator decides to implement in its network the band 800 MHz means that many manufacturers will take it into account and will value putting that band on their mobiles.

This is key especially in 4G when we are inside buildings or underground, in a basement.

In particular it has been China Telecom which announced its intention to use the LTE band 20, which is operating in the 800 MHz.

A decision of this type is difficult to execute, which is why we are talking about that it will be operational by the end of 2017.

The Importance of Buying a Chinese Mobile

As far as European and American buyers are concerned, this is good news, even though manufacturers focused on international trade such as UMI, Doogee or Elephone already used this band the great Chinese giants like Meizu or Xiaomi obviate it, with the consequent problem to use them in abroad.

It is true that this is not a key impediment for most users but after that move and the rumor that Xiaomi will launch several devices globally hopefully little by little this is something normal as well as that all the native ROMs of major manufacturers include the Spanish as the default language, not just Chinese and English.

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