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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Flowkey: Learn to Play the Piano on your iPad

Today we 'll talk about the application flowkey , ideal for those who want to learn to play the piano easy, fun and entertaining way tool.

With the rhythm of life that society leads to today many people hardly have time to take lessons to learn to play the piano or other musical instruments. In addition, learning through boring books or complex YouTube videos is quite complicated and convoluted ...

But flowkey, the iOS app for iPad, learning to play the piano is easy, fun, efficient, entertaining and ... fast. We assure you that in less than half an hour you have become a true pianist.

How Flow Flow Works for iPad

flowkey is a digital platform that speeds and simplifies the process of learning musical instruments. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies flowkey allows its users, in this case, to learn to play the piano through numerous lessons in the form of chapters.

Currently the flowkey application consists of 19 courses. Each of these courses is divided into several chapters. For example, the "Improve Your Technique 1" course has four chapters which, in turn, are divided into three steps.

The application grants you a series of free lessons to learn how to play the piano. You can unlock the rest of lessons accessing the premium version of flowkey. These are your rates:

  • 1 month: € 19.99
  • 3 months: € 38.99
  • 12 months: € 119.99

Download flowkey

You can get the flowkey app from the following download widget on the App Store. What are you waiting for? It's free!

A version for PC / Mac is also available on their official website !

What does flowkey offer?

The application provides users with all sorts of facilities to learn how to play the piano. With the app flowkey you can practice with your favorite songs, play tutorials professional quality videos, browse among hundreds of melodies, bring closely monitor your progress, filter songs by genre and difficulty ... It's a very complete app!

Since CP we have already tried it and we have loved it. Learning to play the piano with flowkey is not only easy, but also fun. In addition, its user interface is intuitive and very well organized. Highly recommended!

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