Foxconn wants to automate the manufacture of iPhone -


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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Foxconn wants to automate the manufacture of iPhone

Pretty ideas created thanks to Trump about bringing the iPhone production back to the United States, and that this would be the consequence of creating many jobs. While this was happening, Foxconn decided to deploy its fleet of 40,000 robots on its production lines, working gear with gear in fully automated plants.

The next President of the United States, he went out of the jaws many precious theories of distorted reality that took to the streets, and one of these is to create jobs in the production of something they are already doing robots.

Foxconn does not want any more leaks

The company par excellence in the manufacture of the iPhone has replaced more than half of its workforce by robots since the launch of the iPhone 6, ensuring that this is only the beginning.

The first phase involves putting the robots in the most dangerous and hated positions. In the second will be automated entire production lines. If applied is last, current production chains that mix human labor and robotics are replaced. At the moment, the company has only introduced this for the production of non-Apple products.

The company 's plan is to create fully automated factories, where labor is only necessary to fix these machine when they fail.

United States is not logistically prepared

The country that will preside Trump is not prepared logistically to accommodate the manufacture of devices the company and how the lack of vocation to make this work by the American population.

As we told Apple asked its main distributors about the possibility of moving production processes to the US and how will suppose, his answer was a clear no.

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