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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Friendly races come to Super Mario Run

If you are enjoying Super Mario Run you're in luck, because as expected from the outset, friendly races just come to the game.

Basically, the feature allows us to compete against our friends in a friendly race, in which obviously we will not spend any tickets or get Toads or coins.

Of course, everything is not as nice as it looks, because we can only compete against the same friend from time to time, just as we will have a limit of daily races depending on the number of worlds that have passed in the story mode.

Friendly races are now available in Super Mario Run

As for the way to dispute a friendly race, we simply have to go to the section "Friends" and click on the word "RUN" that will appear next to the name of each one of them to start.

Otherwise, taking advantage of the added friendly races, I leave my friend comic (4592-5778-2309) in case you want to add me and compete against me 😉

Remember that although Super Mario Run can be downloaded free, you need to make a single purchase in-app € 9.99 to unlock all the game content.

Super Mario Run is available free and universal.

Super Mario Run (AppStore Link) Super Mario Run 

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