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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Giants in Pokémon GO, is your Pokemon Partner also huge?

Although GO Pokémon fever has dropped in recent months, the truth is that this Nintendo title and still has many followers Niantic. Not surprisingly, it is the game that has broken records for downloads on both iOS and Android, and has managed to make hordes of players take to the streets to capture and train these pocket monsters.

Since its launch, Pokémon GO has been updated for new features such as the "partner Pokémon" that helps coaches get faster candy, plus the arrival of the daily bonuses with which players are rewarded for capture And pick up items at stops.

Giant Creatures in Pokémon GO, why?

In addition to new features, the updates have been used to correct bugs of all kinds. But it seems that there is currently a bug that transforms the Pokémon Partners in giant creatures, as you can see in the images displayed by different players. This is not a bug exactly, because not adversely affect the performance or stability of the game, but as you see really is quite remarkable.

In this case , rather it treats a glitch; An error that is described as an "unforeseen characteristic" in the field of video games and computer science. Although not affect the gameplay, the Pokémon takes a so exaggerated dimensions is much larger than the other elements, and can even fill the entire screen of the phone. Meanwhile, Niantic - the company in charge of game development - has not acted and has not clarified anything about this glitch, but most likely solution is to put releasing an update shortly.

As we told you a few weeks ago 100 new Pokémon - corresponding to the second generation of the series - they appeared included in the application code. From the official account Pokémon Spain have announced that next December 12 will reveal more information about the arrival of more Pokémon creatures GO. From CydiaPlus we will keep you informed of everything new in this game that has revolutionized the world of apps and celebrates the 20 years of the Pokémon saga.

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