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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Guide to Saving efficient memory for iPhone & iPad

One limitation of the iPhone, the iPad is not using an expandable memory card that only uses memory. Therefore, if you are using version lowest capacity (16 GB) problem how to save memory is always something to be concerned about.

Guide to Saving efficient memory for iPhone / iPad

Here are some absolute way helps save memory in the iPhone / iPad.

1. Regularly restarting equipment 

Every day you should restart the computer at least one time, this will help the machine run smoother than usual. Also wiped the cache (caching) is "trapped" in the "Other" when you connect your device to iTunes or watch movies, listen to music, store files ...

Cache system will be deleted automatically when the system needs more storage space. So whether you restart the computer will prompt it to do this.

How: Press the power button until the words: Slide to power off and stroked appeared a play is finished.

2. Force-restart routine

You can conventions such time period: 1 week, 2 weeks ... to force-restart mobile phone to cleanly remove temporary data and cache. This measure also helps the machine run faster in a certain time period.

How: Press the Home button at the same time + Sleep / Wake until the Apple logo appears with.

3. Wipe the applications and games not necessary

With applications and games were "moldy and dusty" for a long time, remove them to make clean "space" for "rookie."

How: Click and hold an icon on the screen to be removed until it is "moving" and click on the sign X. However this way is time-consuming when you own a forest and game app. Follow these steps: Settings> General> Usage Storage & iCloud> Manage Storage. Under Storage select Delete App bar should be deleted.

This approach provides a holistic view of all apps are accounted for how much storage capacity.

4. Remove the document within the application

The 3rd party applications are often bundled document, they take quite a bit of memory. Please delete feel clean when not needed, noting that remove material comes not delete your offline applications. However, some applications that feature these things are removed in a special folder in case you want to restore. Without the "needs" then delete the root is always offline.

5. Remove the update from iOS

When wifi connection, iOS will automatically download updates and request new applications we install. By saying no to installing the update you can save from a few hundred megabytes to both GB memory.

How to remove the update: 3rd Similarly above measures, but rather by Delete Delete App Update. To prevent the process of "financial Flax" you follow these steps: Settings> iTunes & App Store, then turn off the Automatic Update Downloads below the line.

6. Upgrade to iOS via iTunes

If you update via OTA will result in the machine remains the post-update unneeded files. Exactly so you should do this via iTunes to not run into trouble on.

How: Connect the device to your computer, open iTunes, click Check for Update in the Summary dialog box select Download and Update.

7. Remove the old voice mail

This feature is not very useful in your VN should be said briefly. In Voicemail, select the messages to delete, then press Delete. To remove the root, go to the Message Deleted folder (in Phone application), select Clear All.

8. Remove message attachments

In the chat with friends many times you'll get attachments from images to videos. In the gossip seemed never-ending accumulation of data gradually worthless stunned memory. You can clean them without affecting the contents.

Manual way: In the dialogue, select Details> More> select the object to delete> trash icon.

9. Delete messages within 30 days

In addition to implementation of the 8th, you should also consider the message should be stored in a long time?

Performance: Settings> Messages> Keep Messages. Forever changed setting of 1 year or 30 days. After that period of time messages will be permanently deleted from the mobile phone.

10. Delete messages audio / video in 2 minutes

This is a less common feature in VN. But if you regularly messaging video / audio to a friend in the Messages should know is it will be permanently saved on your computer. Do not waste your father unhelpful remember to do the following: Settings> Messages> Expire. Then move on to After 2 Minutes from Never (for both video and audio).

Thus the message video / audio will be removed from the machine clean after 2 minutes.

11. Confirm Delete old

As title, photographs, video footage since ancient times, you do not even pay much attention to them anymore or have stored all the handy cloud delete pulled offline. They will save quite a bit of memory.


  • In an album or camera roll any (in Photos)> click Select and select the image you want to delete> Click the trash icon> OK.
  • Next on Albums> Recently Deleted> Select> Delete All to delete what has just removed thoroughly above.

12. Disable Photo Stream 

When Photo Stream works, all the photos you take or transferred to the computer will automatically "fly" on My Photo Stream or All Photos (if iCloud Photo Library is enabled) on your iOS device.

To disable this feature do the following: Settings> iCloud> Photos> Off My Photo Stream Stream or My Photo.

13. Disable iCloud Photo Sharing

iCloud Photo Sharing allows you to share photos and videos, and "subscribe to" other people's albums. And the album will go to your computer and take a memory. 
To disable this feature do the following: Settings> iCloud> Photos> Turn off this feature.

14. Turn off the copy HDR 

When you take a picture HDR, iOS will store more photos normal version, so the memory will increase quite a lot to store. To retain only HDR images. Follow these steps: Settings> Photos and Camera> Keep Off Normal Photo. You also need to remember that this feature is turned off, the picture not-HDR shooting earlier still, so look for and delete it manually.

15. Use iCloud Photo Library 

This feature allows you to keep the photos was "enchanted" at the same time saving on their original version on iCloud.

How to do: Settings> iCloud> Photo> Enable iCloud Photo Library and tick Optimize iPhone Storage.

16. Transfer photos, videos to online services 

This is how I found quite effective, saving memory, image storage medium and can be removed at any time. You can use services such as Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr or OneDrive.

17. Delete the contents of the application iBooks 

This procedure is not too useful, so I will pass. The electronic document can accompany the audio and video files to several GB consuming. When you feel it is no longer necessary to follow these steps: Open the iBooks> Edit> select few books and then press Delete> OK.

18. Delete the contents of applications Videos 

Add a procedure do not need to say much. Open the Videos app> Movies, TV Shows, or Music Videos> Edit> Click the "x" on the items to be removed.

19. Delete the contents of the application Podcasts 

This application does not completely remove the contents of which we have seen before. To not recur this, do the following: Settings> Podcasts> Delete Played Episodes enabled. Then at 2 Download Episodes options and set respectively Episodes Limit Only New and Most Recent.

To delete the contents poscats Watched: Open Applications> My Podcasts> select the object to delete> tick icon three dots (...) and click Remove, then confirm again Download.

20. Use Apple Music 

In Vietnam we often used applications or NCT Zing Mp3 so I do not mention much about the feature. If you are interested to follow these steps: Settings> Music> Apple Music> Music Library iCloud enabled. The app helps you manage resources across multiple devices music extremely well, minimizing the consuming or wasting too much memory capacity, can mark your favorite songs to listen offline.

21. Clear cache (caching) Reading List in Safari

Reading List is a feature that allows users to save items of interest and view offline slowly. However, with the rich sites of images, it will take quite a lot of storage space. To delete the information that you do the following: Settings> General> Usage Storage & iCloud> Manage Storage. Storage below the bar then click on Edit selected Safari. Next press Delete section Offline Reading List.

However they have not been eliminated from the computer, click the Bookmarks icon in Safari, click the icon next to the glass and wipe what appears in it.

22. Clear the cache and browsing data.

When you surf any website that it will save cache and browsing data in your iOS device. Follow these steps to wipe them: Settings> Safari> Clear History and Website Data, below the bar Privacy & Security, click Clear History and Data. Often do this if you regularly use Safari.

23. Reduce the app cache

This is one of those things that is increasingly "expanding", causing loss of memory devices decent. So sometimes you should "garbage" once. 
Performance: Settings> General> Usage Storage & iCloud> Manage Storage. Storage under the bar will see a list of installed applications and they take up much storage space. Access to each specific application to see documents, data, account for how much cache to decide whether to delete or not. For applications such as Tweetbot, select personal account settings in the application interface, then select Reset Account Cache.

24. Reinstall the space-hogging applications

There are some applications taking up a lot of memory and the method described above does not help anything, it is best to remove and install the new application again. This 100 will move less garbage in previous applications to help you. Before doing this remember the information stored on iCloud needed and upload online storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive or transfer them to a computer using AirDrop.

25. Delete temporary files stored by third-party applications

You can delete all cache manually and temporarily store files created from the applications but that is not enough, we are still piled up in the area "Other".

You can find and download applications such as: PhoneExpander, iMyfone Umate, PhoneClean, iFunBox, iMazing, Decipher Phone Cleaner ... to eliminate unnecessary data on the machine.

26 - 44. Reset iOS features

  • Screenshots delete data as well as duplicate and similar images in Photos.
  • Remove and transfer high-resolution images to a computer or stored on cloud services
  • Delete or transfer images from Camera + app and VSCO out.
  • Reduce the "voice" of high quality. Settings> General> Accessibility> Speech> Voices, off Alex.
  • Off the language do not use: Settings> General> Language & Region.
  • Remove 3rd party keyboards do not use: Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards. And remove unnecessary things.
  • Remove unused shortcuts: Settings> General> Keyboard> Text Replacement.
  • Restrict some applications running in the background: Settings> General> Background App Refresh.
  • Delete and re-add the email account to remove the attached data: Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Deleting voice recordings in Voice Memos bad
  • Transfer images in Live Photos app to 3rd parties.
  • Limit 4K HD video instead: Settings> Photos & Camera> Record video.
  • Clear cache Siri by turning-on again feature in: Settings> General> Siri> Siri.
  • Remove deprecated iOS dictionary.
  • Selected applications from 3rd party search engine will not overload iOS: Settings → General → Spotlight Search, turn off all the applications in here.
  • Synchronous machine to a computer with iTunes log CrashReporter wipe the device.
  • Turn off the custom is not useful: Settings → iCloud.
  • Disable automatically download music, apps, books, app upgrades: Settings> iTunes & App Stores.

45. Set up the device again. 

Here's how to do after the end after a long time of use, before making back up all data on iCloud important and necessary things to your computer or other storage services. 
Performance: Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings. And now back to your device as new opener status.

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