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Thursday, 29 December 2016

How long does the AirPods battery last?

After a few days of testing the Apple AirPods fellow PhoneArena they have made an assessment of the battery of this new device.

Apple has promised that its new wireless headphones will last about 5 hours on a full charge, but thanks to its base can provide a duration of 24 hours. The companions of phoneArena have compared them with the Samsung Gear IconX.

If Apple gives you 5, you get 6

If we promised Apple last 5h in their AirPods, have come to get 6h, ie have exceeded Apple's specifications. This has been achieved with iHeartRadio broadcasting from 11:04 to 17:06.

The AirPods takes about 20 minutes to load cargo at its base, opposite the hour and 10 minutes it takes for IconX Gear. Impressive, a thundering difference for the Apple gadget. At the moment we can not put any sticking to your battery.

Although your design does not like

Sure many users will not like the design of AirPods with two strips down or there are other users who do not like because they do not fit well in their ears.

But we can not say, by design, Apple has not worked on getting a wireless headset flag, with impeccable battery life in so little space. Because their duration is similar to the most famous helmet type headphones like Beats Solo 2 Wireless offering a duration of 5 hours.

For this work we defend Apple, while not getting the best sound - something to which we have become accustomed Apple - if you manage to break records in the field of small wireless headset.

We are looking forward to its second generation

If Apple has given us all this in a first version, what to expect from a second? At least a sound quality to the height that does not affect the battery! We are sure that Apple will succeed.

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