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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How many iPhone will we see in 2017? Yes Apple might surprise us

Just nine months to launch the expected iPhone 8, according to the latest news ... or the iPhone 7s, according to Apple's device launch cycles. But as you have seen, the rumor mill is in full operation since the very launch of the iPhone in July.

What do we know about the new Apple device? The latest developments have brought us as the use of an OLED curved screen , three types of iPhone and a possible new red . This article is not a compilation of all the news that we know of the iPhone, so you wonder ... what do I do here? Apple could bring a luxury version of its future iPhone.

Ferrari, the luxury iPhone pseudonym

In a recent article in a Chinese technology blog, referring to Apple is working on developing three models for 2017 is made, the D20, D21 and D22. Something that we do not find strange, knowing that the D10 and D11 models have turned out to be the already existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In this article, it is stated that the D20 and D21 models are the future iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. While the D22 is hiding under the pseudonym Ferrari.

This is the Apple Ferrari

Ferrari bring a AMOLED screen, and a new exterior and interior design both for greater thinness. The motherboard will split in two and the SIM card will be placed in the lower half of the device.

This information does nothing but loop the loop of the rumor mill and make us suppose that this coming year will see the generation S with a new generation ... because the specifications of this Ferrari, are nothing more than we already know about the rumored iPhone in August.

Just have to wait until September to see if all these rumors are unfounded or simply was the speculative culture.

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