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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to boost Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile data on your iPhone and iPad

The Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile data are two of the most important features of iOS devices.

If you think about it carefully, without these two connectivity services it would be impossible to download applications from the App Store, play videos online, surf the web or any other action that requires an Internet connection.

I have to recognize that on my iPhone and on my iPad I have not experienced, except for one exception, any type of problem with Wi-Fi connectivity. But we must add that many users have reported errors connectivity in their devices, especially after the arrival of iOS 10.

That said, I would like to point out that there are some tools capable of improving and enhancing the Wi-Fi connectivity of iPhone and iPad, and in this article we will demonstrate. Unfortunately, Tweaks Cydia that will recommend you Jailbreak require installation to change the way you use the Internet on your iPhone or iPad.


We usually consume much more mobile data on the iPhone and iPad than we think. If you tend to walk short of 3G data (or 4G as the case may be) it would be interesting to keep a close watch on your mobile data thanks to the CellularMonitor tweak.

This Cydia tweak for iPhone and iPad lets you set limits and receive notifications when you reach a figure of specific mobile data, and is even able to automatically disable mobile data when necessary.


The vast majority of applications on the iOS App Store connect to the Internet for the purpose of updating information, sending notifications, and providing additional features to users. Of course, this feature increases the consumption of the battery, and also the consumption of data.

The ConditionalWiFi tweak will offer the ability to block access to Internet applications. What apps? You choose.

ConditionalWiFi is available at the source or BigBoss repository for $ 0.99. If you want to improve the Wi-Fi connectivity of your iPhone and / or iPad, its price is worth it. And is that blocking access to the Internet to certain applications you will be enhancing the Wi-Fi for the use you are giving at that time.

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