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Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to change iPhone default camera mode in iOS 10.2

As you know, the native application for both iPhone and iPad Camera presents various shooting modes such as from within the camera in standard version, video, 1: 1, slow motion, panning or Time - Lapse. However, when we access it either by clicking on the app or from the shortcuts, default will always appear the standard camera.

In this simple tutorial we show you how to change the camera mode assigned by default when you prefer. The first thing is you've updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.2 or later, otherwise this option will not be present. Remember that in this post we explain all the details of IOS 10.2 for values if it is worth, but just 48 hours after some users reported some problems in IOS 10.2 , yes, for now nothing widespread.

Change default camera mode on iPhone or iPad

To change the default camera mode on iPhone or iPad to others like Video, 1: 1, Slow Motion, Pan, Time - Lapse, just follow these steps:

1) Go to Settings and look for Camera and Photos

2) Click on Save Settings

3) Scroll to Camera Mode and activate the option

Now open the Camera app on your iPad or iPhone and choose the camera mode you want to use. Whatever the last you've used, your device will remember the next time you access the camera and will be employing default. For example, if you just made a video and exit the app, when you re-enter your terminal will be ready to record without further action than pressing the red recording button.

As you can see, the added filters can also be stored on the screen when shooting or Live Photo mode. Unfortunately, this way of assigning a default camera mode has no impact on HDR, which continues turning off automatically even if you have turned again and again, something that in previous versions of iOS did not happen.

This advice is especially useful for people who use the camera of their iPhones especially in a certain way, such as video or panning.

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