How to change the MacOS Sierra system font to Lucida Grande

Most Mac users are probably used to the system font "San Francisco" in MacOS Sierra, which was introduced for the first time captain after initially switched to Yosemite Helvetica Neue. But if you prefer the source "Lucida Grande" as the source of the MacOS Sierra system, we will guide you how to do it through a free tool.

This is accomplished using the same type of tool that is used to change the system font in El Capitan to Lucida Grande. All you do is enter a modified system font in the Library / Fonts / folder.

This does not provide a perfect change for system fonts, there are some known display problems with password requests, some dialog boxes and windows with tabs. Knowing the possible problems that you can find, is in you to follow or not this tutorial. As always, it is recommended to back up the files on your Mac before making any changes like this.

How to change the MacOS Sierra system font to Lucida Grande

  • In order to apply the changes download macOSLucidaGrande from GitHub, which will be the utility that will help to change the font.
  • To open the application, you will need to temporarily disable Gatekeeper on MacOS.
  • Once you open the application macOSLucidaGrande you can choose the "Switch to Lucida Grande". You have to log out (or better yet, reboot) for the changes to take effect in MacOS and in applications.
  • To reverse the change and return to the default system font in MacOS Sierra, open the macOSLucidaGrande application again and choose "Switch to San Francisco."

The difference between the system fonts is very subtle and many users do not even notice such a change.
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