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Sunday, 4 December 2016

How to change the name of the user home directory in Mac OS

Some Mac users may want to rename the folder home directory of a user for various reasons, do not know how. So we will teach you through a tutorial how to do it.

Do not try to change the name of a user's home folder unless you have a compelling reason to do so, as well as knowing exactly what you are doing and why, since doing so can lead to more of a headache.

To prevent potential disasters, we recommend doing a backup with Time Machine, or any other method before making changes.

How to change the name of the user home directory in Mac OS

This tutorial will serve to change a name of a user home folder in Mac OS and Mac OS X, including Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion versions.

  • First of all, make a backup of the files of your Mac.
  • Log on to a different administrator user account, it must be different from the account folder where you want to change the name
  • From the Mac OS Finder, go to the / Users / directory and rename the folder of the user account you want to change as you would any other file or folder and authenticate when prompted

  • From the main menu choose "System Preferences" and select "Users & Groups"
  • Click the lock icon and authenticate to access and make changes to user names
  • Right-click on the user account where you want to rename the startup folder and choose "Advanced"

Look for the "Home Directory" option and edit the path to match the newly renamed folder in step three

Click "OK" and restart your Mac for the changes to take effect

Log in to the user account whose startup folder was changed and make sure everything is accessible and working properly, including customizations, preferences, settings, applications, file access, data access, photos, media, applications, Permits and any other relevant elements.

And that's it, you managed to change the name of the user's home directory in Mac OS.

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