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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How to connect and customize your new AirPods

After several months of waiting, and a long and exasperating silence from Apple, the AirPods, wireless headphones called to be one of the star products this Christmas, have finally come to the Apple Store . And is that the time has finally come to get rid of the annoying cables, without needing to lose the comfort of the EarPods.

From CP, and I've been saying everything you need to know to decide whether or not to buy this new product. If you have finally decided to take the plunge, perhaps you your needed of some help to properly configure your new AirPods, so here we bring you some little tricks to get the most possible match.

Your AirPods, the smartest headphones ever known

The first is the first. Before you start using your new headphones, you should perform a full charge. To do this, we will introduce the AirPods in your transport box, and we will connect this one, using a Lightning cable to any USB port, or to a power adapter. The box functions as a battery, and can be charged without having the AirPods inside, however, can load box helmets and simultaneously if they are inside.

Once the charge is complete, the status light inside the box will change to a green color. It will be at this time, when we will start connecting our AirPods. Thanks to the W1 chip integrated in these headphones, the connection with an iPad or iPhone becomes a chore for children. We just have to bring the case to the iPhone or iPad (with iOS 10 installed) and open, the device will automatically detect and give you the option to connect after showing a small animation.

Once you have connected to your iPhone or iPad, AirPods will be linked to our iCloud account, so that all devices that are also linked to it (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac ...) can make use of headphones With only change of audio source in the section of music of the Control Center.

But this is not all, we can achieve a higher level of customization, thanks to the adjustments of our AirPods. In order to change the configuration of our AirPods, enter the Settings app, Bluetooth section, and click the information symbol next to the name of our headsets. Once there, we will be allowed to change all kinds of parameters, not only related to the audio, but also with the gestures of Siri and the automatic detection of our ear.

Now, with all these tips, you have no excuse to make the most of your new AirPods, so put on your best tracks, and enjoy. How do you like the new AirPods? Do they meet your expectations?

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