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Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Discover Facebook Messenger Hidden Messages for iOS

The Facebook Messenger application for iOS is one of the most used instant messaging apps currently, along with iMessage, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Facebook Messenger offers users all kinds of functions, performance and features. But there is always some hidden option in your user interface ...

Recently in our blog, we recommended 10 Helpful tips for Facebook Messenger . This time, we will explain how to discover the hidden messages in the folder others.

How to read hidden messages from "other" requests on Facebook Messenger for iOS

1. Download the application if necessary.

2. Open Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or your iPad.

3. Go to the "People" tab at the bottom of the app.

4. Then tap on the "Requests Messages".

5. On the right side (iPad) of this section all hidden messages that have been sent to your Facebook account will appear.

When you open one of these requests you will see the chat conversation and more information about the person who sent you the message. Issuers will not know that you have read your message until you accept the request.

This section of "Application Messages" shows Facebook messages from people who do not have added to your list of contacts social network.

Usually the messages used to stay in that section forgotten because the application did not provide notifications or alerts for these applications. Facebook recently added an option in its iPhone and iPad app to enable notifications of contacts not added as friends.

Facebook Messenger for iOS is an ideal alternative to other instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage. It allows the use of Stickers, GIFs, audio calls, document transfer, localizations, bots, customization of chats and much more. It is also quite simple to use and its user interface visually is very aesthetic. What messaging application do you usually use in iOS?

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