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Saturday, 3 December 2016

How to download Netflix movies and series on iPhone and iPad

Online playback and downloading movies and TV shows on the iPhone and iPad have had an interesting history over recent years ...

Initially, videos and movies online series were in flash format. And this was a major impediment for iOS users, as the iPhone and iPad are not compatible with that format.

It was therefore necessary to use other alternatives for playing flash videos with applications such as Puffin, VideoBrowser, iSwifter or Video Explorer. Additionally, flash playback on iOS was also possible with the Jailbreak and its Cydia tweaks.

Netflix came as the ideal solution to piracy in Spain

Years later, and after the flash removal in Android, all the webs of series and movies online began to change to HTML5 format. But at that time playing online videos was not enough. Now users of iPhone and iPad wanted to download content for viewing offline (no Internet connection). That's when applications came into play to download videos from series and movies ... Until Netflix arrived.

The platform has been available in other countries for some time. But Netflix came to Spain as the best tool to combat piracy and provide subscribers with the best service reproduction series, movies and documentaries online via streaming on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

First the Netflix app was updated to allow users to set the quality of streaming video and control the use of mobile data and introducing 3D Touch options. Then, Netflix received support picture-in-picture , so that playing videos offered in the foreground while users performed other tasks in the background.

And now ... the application has incorporated downloading movies and TV shows for offline playback. Without a doubt, one of the best functions for iPhone and iPad.

How to download series and movies to your iPhone and iPad with the Netflix app for iOS

At the moment, unfortunately, not all series, films and documentaries are available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can only download the videos that have the symbol that you will see in the following image.

However. How do I download content on Netflix for playback without an internet connection? It's very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Open Netflix on your iPhone / iPad.

2. Go to the series, film or documentary to download.

3. Choose an episode in case concerned a series.

4. Click on the button shaped like an arrow pointing down.

5. A blue bar appears at the bottom indicating the download process.

6. Wait for the download to finish.

7. Click on the blue bar when the text "Download completed" appears.

8. Done! Now you can see your series, movie or documentary anywhere and without Internet connection.

In addition, you can change the video quality of Netflix downloads in the "Application Settings" section of the main menu in the "Standard" and "High" options.

How to remove downloaded series, movies and documentaries

1. Open Netflix for iOS.

2. Click on the menu of the app.

3. Access Application Settings.

4. Click the "Delete all downloads".

5. Confirm the action by pressing the "Delete" button.

Alternatively, there is another method to remove downloaded series and movies:

1. Open Netflix on your iPhone or your iPad.

2. Click on the main menu.

3. Go to the "My Downloads" section.

4. Make tap on the "Edit" button in the upper right corner (iPad).

5. Press the red shaped symbol X.

As a fan of Netflix, I am very excited about this new update of the application for iPhone and iPad. Undoubtedly download content for offline playback is a really useful feature. What do you think? What series have you already downloaded on your iPhone and iPad?

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