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Friday, 16 December 2016

How to download Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone

How long has it been today, right? Hours and hours looking at the App Store and waiting for the prompt to download - with permission from Bully: Anniversary Edition course - the game of the year for mobile devices. Well, actually it is the game of the year for iPhone and iPad, Android users will have to dust off the Game Boy vintage to recover these magical sensations or wait until 2017. In case you have not heard yet, we refer to Super Mario Run . And is that from today more than 150 countries will enjoy the most famous plumber of all time

Throughout numerous post we've told you all you need to know about Super Mario Run to detail: from all levels and worlds of the game, the characters that you can find in the game , you can play for free and what not and of course if worth or not worth buying at a price of 10 euros.

So the day of its release we have no more to tell you how to download Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone.

How to download Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone

To download Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone we only have to follow three simple steps:

1) Get the App Store on your device. Be sure to remember your Apple ID and its corresponding password, because it is necessary.

2) Although there are several ways to find apps in the App Store, if you know the name easiest is to go to search and write Super Mario Run. Give the magnifying glass. Super Mario Run will appear first, however be sure to put that it is from Nintendo. Finally, click on get.

3) The app takes up 173 MB, so make sure you have a good Wi-Fi - remember Super Mario Run requires you to always be online - and battery for it. Once installed, look for it on your desktop, click it and enjoy!

When accessing the game you will have several screens that as usual will work as a tutorial so that you have the basics to play. Also, you must enter your username and if you want, link it to a club account My Nintendo.

If you want to skip all these steps, we make it even easier:

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