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Sunday, 25 December 2016

How to extend the life of Lightning cable

Virtually every iPhone and iPad user known nasty situation, when after a month / months / year the charging cable commands to live a long time. It occurs mainly because the cable somewhere in particular is subjected to frequent and strong перегибам. Generally, it is more your start, near a plug. Consequently, the insulation of veins is damaged, and the nuclei of переламываются. It aggravates the situation the plug. Blogger Сммон Trey proposed a trick that helps protect the power cable from the Lightning connector as well as the headphone cables from mechanical damage.

To remove the bad moment, it is necessary to remove the old pencil and remove the spring. After this, the spring is required to fit into the cable in the connector area. This is not done by the principle of spring ring in брелке for the keys, and through the middle of the springs. In Tray's words, doing this is not easy.

In order to protect the soft wire, you can reinforce it with the help of duct tape in the place where it is надеваться spring, otherwise the tip, where the letter rings are impregnated firmly, can dangerous from its creasing. After the operation of insulation tape should be removed.

Place a spring in the plug and put on it. You will see the end more attractive to the eye, and that the cable is protected against the sudden rough of the excesses. The metal spring and simply will not let the cable bend is so strong, so that over time деформировался and out of service.

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